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Are you ready for this?

I am so glad you are here!!! Seriously I could shout to the roof tops that you even came to my page!!! I know how important photos can be. They are the legacy you leave behind. The memory time capsules that take you back to such special moments in time. I definitely don't take that lightly! I know there are a lot of photographers out there and I know I am not meant for everyone but if we are the right fit I cant wait to meet you and squeeze you! Because we are doing the damn thing! XO-Adrianna

But first...

"In awe of their ability to execute amazing photos!"

Adrianna and Eddie gave us the most AMAZING photography experience. I’m an anxious person, so being photographed is not a strong suit for me, but Adrianna and Eddie made the experience so painless and fun. From engagement photos in the rain, to hiking to the perfect beach location, to capturing amazing photos of our big day. My husband and I have been in awe of their ability to execute amazing photos of us... we literally still can’t believe these photos are of us.. and we definitely can’t wait for another big life moment to hire these two again. 
                                                                     -Erica & Chris